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Here is a list of other crashes involving the Fokker F-28, the type of aircraft that crashed at New York's LaGuardia Airport Sunday.- On Nov. 25, 1989, 19 people were injured when a Fokker F-28 crashed and broke into two on takeoff from Seoul, South Korea.

- On March 10, 1989, an Air Ontario Fokker F-28 crashed into trees and burst into flames shortly after takeoff from an airport in Dryden, Canada. This crash, which also took place during a snowstorm, claimed 23 lives.- On Oct. 25, 1988, a dozen people were killed when an Aeroperu Fokker F-28 crashed just after takeoff from an airport in Juliaca.

- On March 28, 1985, all 40 people on board were killed when a Fokker F-28, operated by Satena, Colombia's domestic airline, slammed into a mountain while trying to land in dense fog.