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Built: 1968

Boundaries: Students from Springville and Mapleton attend the school.

Mascot: The Red Devils. Some say coaches adopted the name from a local concrete company that had a devil-like logo with a pitchfork. Others say coaches adopted the name after a sports reporter called another basketball team the "pesky devils."

Number of teachers: 48

Number of students: 1,011

10th grade: 371

11th grade: 324

12th grade: 316


Lynn Patterson became principal in 1990.

Education: Graduated from Provo High School in 1965.

Received a bachelor's degree from Brigham Young University in 1972 and a master's degree from BYU in 1979.

Before becoming principal: Taught for nine years at Union High School in Roosevelt before becoming assistant principal. Served as principal of Bear Lake High School in Montpelier, Idaho, for two years and as principal of Manti High School for six years.

Likes: Working with the students, parents, faculty and staff. Being in a position to help make decisions that will move the school in a positive direction. "I like the excitement of coming to work each day knowing that I will be faced with various situations to handle."

Dislikes: Not having the daily contact and closeness to the students that teachers have. Not being able to spend enough time concentrating and focusing on certain problems because of his numerous responsibilities. "With the many different hats that we must wear, it's no wonder so many administrators are bald." DID YOU KNOW? Springville's band traveled to Washington, D.C., in January 1985 to perform at President Reagan's inaugural parade. However, because of sub-zero temperatures the parade was canceled. The weather was so cold, the band members' lips would have stuck to the instruments had they performed. Band members ended up performing in the lobby of the hotel where they were staying.


Hitting the books: Russian, Spanish, German and French are the most popular classes. Another popular elective, the school's international relations class, is the only one in Utah that participates with schools throughout the country. Grades: School grade-point of 3.0

Let's get active: The most popular clubs are the Future Homemakers of America, the Future Farmers of America, the Future Business Leaders of America, the Distributive Education Club of America and the Outdoors Club.

Current athletic titles and academic achievements: In October, the golf team won its first-ever state 3A golf championship. The football team and the cross country team won Region Eight championships. Seniors Tamara Heaton, Greg Wheeler and Jeff Tulley are National Merit finalists.

Student body officers: Lynette Christensen, president; Rusty Ford, vice president assemblies; Sara Hatfield, vice president activities; Craig Child, treasurer; Calle Burraston, secretary; Derik Johnson, historian; and Jessica Black, public relations.


1991 graduation rate: 95 percent Scholarships: About 15 percent of 1991 graduates received a college scholarship.

Hall of Fame: Don Bluth, animator/filmmaker; Aileen Clyde, member of State Board of Regents; Harold G. Christensen, former U.S deputy attorney general; David Dalton, internationally known classical musician; Duke Reid, UVCC men's basketball coach; Roger Reid, BYU men's basketball coach; Douglas Smoot, dean of College of Engineering at BYU; Scott Phillips, former BYU football star and NFL player; Scott Mitchell; former University of Utah football star and current NFL quarterback; and Wesley Ruff, sportscaster.