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To the editor:

Thank you so much for your sensitive articles of March 6 detailing the compassionate efforts of those who work with parents who have just lost babies through miscarriage and stillbirth.When I read the headlines, I almost talked myself out of reading the articles, fearing that the pain was still there. It was, and I did weep while I read, though it has been nearly 19 years since we lost the last of our three babies who never had a chance to live.

Indelibly etched in my memory, though rarely thought of, is the picture of our little 21-week-old son's body being thrust in front of me in a plastic hospital tray before being whisked off to who knows where. I was alone and saw him for about 10 seconds.

Another time, hemorrhaging so severely that an emergency suction had to be done without anesthetic in a hospital emergency room, I marveled in my agony that anyone could voluntarily ask for tiny bodies to be thus dismembered.

I was so appreciative of your focusing on a little-discussed issue. All of us, myself included, need to be reminded to reach out to the people we know who are dealing with these losses and listen to them.

Sherry McMullin

Salt Lake City