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To the editor:

Regarding Roy M. Lacy's comments on "Disruptive students in our public schools" (Forum, March 3), I am in complete agreement. The troublemakers should lose their right to an education. Not just temporarily, but permanently. If no other alternatives are available, put them out on the streets and let the police handle them. Most of them will end up there in a matter of time, anyway.Brilliant young disciplined minds are the most important asset society has and they should be protected at all times in their efforts to achieve. We just cannot afford to let a few incorrigibles become a stumbling block to them.

One factor Mr. Lacy failed to mention, however, is teacher competency. My own classroom experience included a female high school English teacher who, in spite of a health condition which barely permitted her to stand on her feet, had absolutely no discipline problems. She had even the troublemakers spell-bound.

While I would not expect many teachers to come up to that standard, there are some who should either make a great effort to improve their teaching performance or consider finding a different career.

S.R. Greenwood

American Fork