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To the editor:

Recently, there has been a lot said about low-cost housing or the lack of housing and people are saying that the government (the taxpayers) should build houses and apartments.Those activists who are demanding that the government should provide these are in many cases the same ones who a few years ago were demanding that the government eliminate the tax benefits for landlords.

Their argument was that we should eliminate all "tax breaks" for "the rich." (Definition: The rich - anyone who makes more money than what I make.)

When the tax benefits for landlords were severely restricted, the developers quit building rental units. When fewer rental units were built, then the "poor" suffered with a shortage of housing. The "rich" were still rich.

This example, along with many others that could be cited, illustrate that the best way to benefit society is not to "soak the rich" but rather to control government spending and to lower taxes for everyone.

James Watkins