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Cast your vote for a brightly colored dose of "Comic Relief," the Deseret News entry in the media participation phase of the annual ZCMI table-setting contest.

For the first time, the tablewear design competition has been extended to the media with the top vote getter awarded $500 in behalf of a favorite charity. Individuals are invited to the domestics department, third floor, of the downtown ZCMI to view the entries and cast ballots.Proceeds from the Deseret News entry have been designated for "The School with No Name," the public school located at the family shelter for the homeless.

Designed by Christie Jackson Meyer and assisted by Heather Tuttle of the Deseret News art department, the comic page-underscored design features bold, basic color layered in vivid contrasts. Chunky stoneware by Nancy Calhoun is accompanied by zany, angled flatware titled "Splash," by Michael Lloyd." Heavy, clear glass goblets by SoHo complete the setting.

Accented by an abstract Salvador Dali-esque melted clock, a trompe l'oeil illustrated table cover sends out a wake-up call reminding everyone to vote for the "Comic Relief" of the Deseret News table setting, a vote to benefit the children of the family shelter.