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The man who ran the House bank bounced 31 personal checks worth $104,825 and ignored warnings to stop, the Washington Post reported Tuesday.

Former House Sergeant-at-Arms Jack Russ, who resigned March 12 a day after telling police he was shot in the face by a mugger, was found to have bounced the checks, ranging in value from $200 to $11,000, in 1988-89. Six of the checks were resubmitted and bounced a second time.The Post said House Speaker Thomas Foley was advised of the bad checks in a private letter from Comptroller General Charles Bowsher dated Dec. 19, 1989. Russ, who ran the House bank for nine years, was allowed to cash checks but did not have an account at the House Bank.

The Post said auditors warned Russ to stop abusing check-cashing privileges in August 1988. Another unnamed House bank employee also bounced 36 checks worth $12,778, the newspaper said.