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A Sandy man pleaded not guilty Monday to charges that he killed his younger sister.

Edward White, 19, entered the not-guilty plea before 3rd District Judge Anne Stirba. The judge accepted the plea but said it was contingent on the results of competency evaluations conducted by two court-appointed psychiatrists.Defense attorney David Paul White, no relation, said his client had so many pressures that he was "unable to function in a normal capacity." He planned to file a motion indicating that Ed White suffered from diminished mental capacity.

However, White asked Monday to withdraw as the defense attorney, indicating that the family was unable to afford additional legal work from him. Stirba allowed him to withdraw and ordered that a public defender be appointed.

The next hearing was scheduled for March 30, when a trial date will be set as well as a date for a competency hearing, if necessary.

White is charged with murder for the shooting death of his 15-year-old sister, Anja White. She was shot eight times while lying in her bed "because he thought she didn't deserve to live any more," according to court documents.