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Two Utahns were charged with 12 felony counts of burglary and theft Friday afternoon, a South Salt Lake detective said.

Police believe Roger Dean Downey, 43, and James R. Schultz, 30, are responsible for the theft of more than $22,000 worth of ski parkas from various Salt Lake County businesses, said Detective Joe Bennett.Bennett worked with Murray and West Valley police to solve the string of burglaries occurring at local ski shops.

"An informant came forward in the case and was able to supply us with what had been done and where the coats had gone," Bennett said.

Apparently, the two men were trading the coats for drugs. The investigation is ongoing, Bennett said.

Police believe Downey and Schultz are in Texas, and law enforcement agencies there have been given descriptions of the pair. The county is also looking at charges against them but was able to coordinate a joint screening, Bennett said.