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To the editor:

Amen to the editorial cartoon that appeared in the Deseret News on March 6 that depicted a man and a woman, presumably teachers, with their hands above their heads and facing a group of children with guns and the caption, "This may be a good time to rethink our ban on school prayer."Just what do we owe our existence to in this country? To our forefathers who came to this country to escape a government-sanctioned religion and to be able to worship God according to the dictates of their conscience - not to ban God from our country.

I have recently viewed a video entitled "America's Godly Heritage," which I feel every American should see who is appalled by the straying of our country from a union centered around and formed by a group of God-fearing and believing men.

The video cites numerous statistics that point to the decline in such things as SAT scores, family solidarity with an increase in violent crime, teenage pregnancy, divorce rates and other social problems that began about the time prayer was abolished from the schools.

If we who believe in and want God left in our schools and government allow those who don't want a better influence to continue to discriminate against our rights to pray, we deserve whatever happens to our society as a result of such apathy.

Mary Christensen