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To the editor:

It has been stated that the typical lifetime of a democratic form of government is, on average, 200 years.According to this, does the fate of the United States of America, its lifetime now somewhat beyond those two short centuries, hang in the balance?

Let's look at some conditions which prevail, and which, if allowed to continue unchanged, point it well on its way to its demise as a democratic form of government.

For the past two-plus decades, the Congress has overspent its annual budget. As a result of that unabashed fiscal irresponsibility, this nation, in little more than 10 short years, has been transformed into the worst debtor nation from the greatest creditor nation it once was. Our national debt is now in the $4 trillion-plus range, and according to the latest word, is growing at the rate of $13,500 per second.

Until somewhat recently, the mentality of elected officials of our government was altruistic, dedicated to the lofty ideals of nurturing the new concepts of individual freedom.

But with the passage of years and the inevitable growth in all aspects of society, a new breed of politicians holds sway. In voting unconscionable pay raises and perks for themselves, they have "found a home" in government, and have subscribed to a new dedication. This new breed of career politicians is dedicated to "getting all they can, while they can" and perpetuating themselves in office for their lifetime.

The only avenue open to us, the citizens, to effect a change is to answer this nationwide, grassroots wake-up call and exercise our God-given franchise and vote.

Richard B. Swenson

South Ogden