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A Utah record catchIt was, as Todd Bowles of Salt Lake City, said upon his return from Fish Lake, "One of those days" - and it was. Bowles hooked into a 7-pound, 8-ounce splake on Saturday that is now the largest such fish to come from a Utah water. The new state record measured 26 1/2 inches and beat the old record by nearly half a pound. Bowles was fishing through the ice, using a small ice fly tipped with wax worm, with four-pound test when the fish hit. With the light line, he said, "It took me quite a while to bring it in. I didn't want to lose it." He was fishing in about 17 feet of water at the time and had caught several smaller fish before hooking the record. Bowles said he tries to fish the lake on a weekly basis during the winter. His previous best was a 3 1/2-pound splake. Shortly after he landed his fish, a friend, Von Anderson, hooked a 6-pound splake. A splake is a cross between a lake trout and a brook trout. It was planted several years ago in a few of Utah's more popular waters and has since become a popular catch with wintertime fishermen.