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No ice fishing remaining. What ice remains is dangerous. Reservoirs are generally ice-free around shoreline.

Bear Lake - A little dangerous ice remaining. People launching a few small boats, but is not recommended. Some slow fishing near Cisco Beach and west side by rock pile. Water level low.

Blacksmith Fork - Light pressure. Lots of fish, but few fishermen. Good fishing for whitefish, fair for browns. Remember slot limit on upper stretches.

Causey Reservoir - Good fishing. Catching small rainbows with salmon eggs, cheese and meal worms. Winter limit is four through May 22. Ice dangerous.

East Canyon - There is no ice, the boat ramps are open and the fishing is good. Winter limit is 4 through May 22.

Hyrum Reservoir - Good fishing for perch. Fair to good for rainbows. Access is good.

Locomotive Springs - Stocked at Baker and Bar M. Gets heavy pressure so will get fished out. Should be stocked sometime this week.

Logan River - Good fishing for whitefish and trout. Remember special regulations.

Lost Creek - Fishing fair for rainbow and cutthroat. Remaining ice is bad. Covering of water making it weak and unstable. Limit 4 through May 22.

Newton Reservoir - Ice is bad, so fishing will be slow until shoreline opens.

Ogden River - Try new stretch of river below Rainbow Gardens. Light pressure, but catching fish with worms and black Mepps.

Pineview Reservoir - Best fishing by Cemetery Point and North Arm. Fair to good for perch and crappie.

Porcupine Reservoir - Fair for splake. Kokanee should be good, but not many reports of success yet. Kokanee limit is 12.

Rockport Reservoir - Fishing has been slow to fair. Surveys indicate good numbers of "keeper-sized" perch in reservoir. Trout fishing has been fair.

Weber River - Good fishing for whitefish and brown trout downstream from reservoir. Worms and jigs tipped with wax worms best bait for both.


Strawberry Reservoir - Ice here is still firm, but often there is slush under the snow crust. Snowmobilers should be careful. Access limited to Soldier Creek Dam road and walk-in or snowmobile from Highway 40. Fishing spotty. Best in early morning between 6 and 9 a.m., fishing between 30 and 40 feet. Try florescent yellow or orange jibs with worm for cutthroat. Rainbows best at ladders area off Highway 40 using power bait and salmon eggs. Rainbows are feeding closer to the ice than cutthroat, which seem to be in deeper water.

Deer Creek - The ice has gone. Best shore fishing at island and in upper lake. Some rainbows being taken on worms or marshmallows. Boat launching is good. Check 1992 proclamation for rules on bass.

Provo River - Good with flies and lures only above Olmstead Diversion Dam. Midge hatches are on and water flow is good. Below dam fishing is picking up for rainbows down Provo Canyon through the valley. No night fishing from I-15 to Utah Lake. Walleye run just starting to build with a few walleye moving into the river.

Yuba Lake - Water is open. Fishing for walleye improving. Good boating conditions.


Flaming Gorge - There is open water on the dam about to Anvil Draw. Fishing reported as slow.

Green River - Snow just about gone. Water levels are fluctuating. Fishing has been fair to good. Pressure has been moderate.


Emery/Carbon County Lakes - Except around the boat docks, ice at Joe's Valley is still safe. Nonetheless, use extreme caution when going out. Fishing has been fair to good. Try shiny, metallic lures tipped with minnows, wax worms or meal worms. Best lures would be "Kastmaster" and Jake's "Spin-A-Lure."

Manti Mountains - Huntington North is filling up. Ice is 30 to 40 feet from shore. Fishing fair. Ice is unsafe at Millsite State Park. Huntington Creek's fly fishing zone is open. Fishermen having fair success with black gnats and "snow flies." Nymph patters should also work. Huntington Creek's mid-section is partially iced over. Having some success with "Panther Martin" or "Rooster Tail" spinners. Most creeks should open up soon. Fishing fair to poor at Cleveland, which is still iced over.

Scofield Reservoir - Regular monitoring of dissolved oxygen and plankton levels are encouraging. No winter kill has been noted of the 169,000 trout planted in the fall. Additional stocking will take place after ice-off. Fishing will reopen on Memorial Day.

Colorado River - Fishermen are picking up a few catfish on the Colorado River using squid, shrimp and chicken liver. Fishing will improve as temperatures rise.

LaSal Mountain Lakes - Don's Lake expected to offer good fishing once roads open up. Ken's Lake is fair for those using salmon eggs. Ken's will be stocked in early April. LaSal and Mill creeks are ice free.

Blanding/Monticello Lakes - Ice unstable and breaking away at Recapture and Lloyd's. Extreme caution is advised. Fishing is fair. Monticello and Foy reservoirs are still inaccessible. Blanding No. 4 and recapture scheduled for stocking around April 1.

Lake Powell - Fishing is picking up. Boats are launchable, despite low water levels. Largemouth bass and walleye are hitting lures in extreme backs of canyons in turbid water. Fishermen should use bottom-bumping lures such as grubs, power worms or water dogs.


Fish Lake - Lake is still iced over. Fair to good fishing using ice flies in about 10 feet of water.

Otter Creek - The ice is gone and water level is rising but there is no water in the spillway. Fishing is fair and is best in the shallow waters around shore. Salmon eggs and flies are working best.

Quail Creek - Good fishing for rainbow and the bass are starting to bite.