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Police have arrested a man in the slaying of a woman who was found on a porch with her throat slit, her crying 1-year-old daughter clinging to her naked body.

Charges are pending against the 21-year-old suspect, police said. His name was withheld.A teenager going to school Tuesday found the woman's body on an abandoned building's porch after hearing the child cry, police said.

The 22-year-old Salvadoran woman had been stabbed several times, her throat cut and her right index finger severed, police spokeswoman Sharon Thornton said. The woman's name was not immediately released.

The child, found wearing only a diaper, was treated at a hospital for scratches on her face.

"She's kind of whimpering like she hurts, but the doctors examined her and say she's fine," said Judy Hay of the Harris County Children's Protective Service. "People have been cuddling her and she likes that."

Hay said the child's father lived in Houston, and the child would be released to his custody.

The man arrested in the slaying was discovered sleeping in a nearby car by a businessman who woke him up, then noticed blood on his clothing and called police.

The man told police he and the woman were parked in the car Monday night and got into an argument, said police spokesman Robert Hurst.