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House Speaker Craig Moody says there is some support for a veto-override session of the Legislature on a bill vetoed by Gov. Norm Bangerter that would ban photo radar from all areas except school zones.

"We'll discuss the matter at our March 31 legislative management committee. I've had a number of telephone calls from (House) members saying they're willing to vote for an override of that veto," Moody said Wednesday.Bangerter, who is in Hawaii on vacation through Monday, vetoed the bill, saying local governments should have the ability to decide for themselves whether they want to use the system or not.

The governor's chief of staff, Steve Mecham, said he wants to assess the strength of legislative sentiment against the radar ticketing system before reacting.

"We take this one step at a time," Mecham said. "Clearly the governor took the position he took because he believes it's the right one. We'll work with the Legislature to ensure they understand his position."

The PhotoCop system uses radar to measure a driver's speed and takes a picture of the car and license plate if the driver is going too fast. The violator is then mailed a speeding ticket.