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The Uintah County Sheriff's Department has arrested two men wanted in Salt Lake County for a number of saddle thefts.

Uintah Sheriff Lloyd Meacham said the men, ages 19 and 21, both of Salt Lake City, were charged Wednesday with numerous counts of burglary, theft by deception and possession of stolen property, shortly after they allegedly sold four stolen saddles to a Uintah County saddle shop."The suspects sold J & P Saddle four saddles for $500. By running a computer check on their vehicle, we discovered the suspects were wanted for saddle thefts in Salt Lake," Meacham said.

"We tried to catch them before they cashed the check but just missed them. We had a deputy on patrol in Lapoint on another matter and he just happened to run right into where they had parked their car."

He said the two men, along with two companions, were arrested at the home of a relative after deputies were given permission to enter the house. All four were taken to Roosevelt for questioning by local law enforcement officers and detectives from the Salt Lake County sheriff's office.

"One of the suspects said they took eight saddles from Salt Lake County." Authorities charged two men and released the other two. The two who were charged were taken to Salt Lake County but could face additional charges later in Uintah County.