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Local government action

MidvaleIn its meeting Tuesday night, the City Council:

- Set April 7 as the date it will vote on whether to follow the lead of a court ruling that prohibits public prayer before council meetings in Salt Lake City. Murray during the past two week has opted for a moment of silence, suspending its traditional practice of having an opening prayer before its council meetings. The vote is in response to a lawsuit that led to the Salt Lake ruling.

- Toured a section on the west side of town slated for government-funded cleanup of toxic waste left by years of ore refining. The cleanup, scheduled for this summer, would affect 45 pieces of property, and property owners are invited to attend a neighborhood block meeting on the issue on Thursday, April 2, from 7 to 9 p.m.

- Discussed hiring an environmental engineer for a lengthy contract that would involve the city's toxic-waste cleanup activities over the next several years. Deadline for applications is Friday.


In its meeting Tuesday night, the City Council:

- Changed the city's district boundaries to better fit demographic shifts reported in the 1990 census. The five council and school-board districts now average about 6,200 people. The adjustment corrects considerable disparities. The districts in 1990 reported these populations: District 1, 8,500; District 2, 5,800; District 3, 5,000; District 4, 5,900; District 5, 5,900.

- Approved the appointment of Doug Hill as director of parks and recreation.


In its meeting Tuesday night, the City Council:

- Adopted an ordinance that limits driveway slopes to 12 percent but permits city-approved variances up to 15 percent.

- Created two new special improvement districts, one on lots 1-28, White City No. 55 and lots 1-21, White City No. 56., the other on lots 726-738, Bluff at Hidden Valley Phase VIIC. The district creations allow the city to make infrastructure improvements, to be paid for ultimately by taxes on property owners at the sites.