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To the editor:

I read with great interest the advertisement "An American for America" by George and Lenore Romney. They have always been the epitome of Americans at their very best.Presently, too many of us spend too much for the wrong things - cars, clothes, homes, country clubs, drugs, TV, sports, etc.

We spend too little time and money visiting the poor, showing love for those less fortunate, listening to others, saying our prayers, working in volunteer organizations, etc.

We rely too much on government to solve our problems. It is big and bloated because we want more and more for less and less effort on our part.

Credit is a wonderful friend if used wisely but a terrible slave if used beyond our ability to pay. We should pay cash wherever possible and throw away credit cards. Pay them off in full each month.

I believe in recycling and making do.

Preston Adams

Salt Lake City