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To the editor:

How many parents know what kind of indoctrination the Humane Society is giving to our children in the public school system?First of all, let me state that I have no problems with the Humane Society giving a presentation on being kind to animals, but their present program has gone far beyond that into the realm of animal rights.

In one instance, the person giving the presentation said that a person has no right to kill a mouse that has gotten into a home. Oh, really, do mice now have constitutional rights? The Humane Society's method was to catch the mouse and release it outside.

This logic is typical of the animal activists' inability to think ahead. So what if it is 20 below zero outside or if the mouse gets into your neighbor's house? The Humane Society puts to death thousands of cats and dogs every year, but somehow only they have the god-like ability to determine which animals should live and which should die.

Does the Humane Society hold rats and cockroaches in the same esteem as mice? It would seem to me that someone from the Health Department should spend some time informing these animal activists just exactly how a large number of diseases and health problems can occur.

Since Granite School District has allowed these people to spew forth their dogmatic doctrine, can they also give equal time to the other side of this issue? Perhaps a presentation by the manufacturers of the spring-operated mouse trap or the Health Department?

Tom Nelson

West Jordan