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Salt Lake-based Intermountain Health Care is cited in the March 23 issue of Fortune magazine as an example of how to improve the nation's health-care system.

"Quality is an obsession at Intermountain Health Care," says the seven-page cover story titled "Let's Really Cure the Health System." IHC is one of several health-care organizations discussed in the article.According to Fortune, only the better-run parts of the health industry use continuous quality improvement techniques to provide better care at a lower cost, and it used IHC as an example of how this is being done.

Fortune cites decreased post-operative infections and increased survival rates of 12 to 42 percent for patients at LDS Hospital suffering from adult respiratory distress syndrome.

Also cited was IHC's computerized patient care system that helps medical personnel provide better care and do research into quality of care improvements. LDS Hospital is said to be the only hospital in the nation to have such a system fully operational. IHC said it plans to have the system in all its hospitals in coming years.