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The U.S. Labor Department has awarded $1.4 million to 4,838 Utah workers in the past fiscal year from employer penalties for violations of minimum wage or overtime provisions of federal labor standards law by 359 employers.

Dick Perkins, deputy regional administrator for the department's Wage and Hour Division in Denver, said, "Our enforcement of the Fair Labor Standards Act protects wage workers from becoming victims of substandard wage and working conditions and protects the majority of employers from unfair competition by a small minority who do not maintain fair labor standards for their workers."In Utah, Salt Lake County ranked first in the amount of money returned to workers with $643,916 going to 2,059 employees. Next was Utah County with $236,706 to 1,441 employees followed by Davis County with $219,258 to 606 employees and Weber County with $149,169 to 284 employees.

Rich County was the lowest county with $152 returned to one worker.

In fiscal year 1990, the department returned $1.5 million to 4,608 workers as a result of enforcement by the Wage and Hour Division.