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At the same time City Councilman Glen Thur-good received permission to requisition a tentative right-of-way plan for an east-west connector road, at least one Highland resident went on record as opposing such a plan.

According to a letter submitted to the City Council by Highland resident Anthony J. LaPray, the east-west corridor is "unacceptable" for Highland and would violate "the very philosophy of Highland City.""It contributes to the existing pollution and becomes an avenue for crime," LaPray said in his letter.

"As a former City Council member and as a professional and businessman, I feel that raping our community to provide easy access for the citizens of Pleasant Grove and Lehi via Highland is unacceptable. It violates our serenity, way of life and autonomy," LaPray said.

"The citizens of Highland do not want this highway. It provides no benefit for us. We must preserve Highland from this encroachment and we count on you, our elected representatives, to stand behind us in blocking this endeavor," he said.

The intention of Thurgood's request is to present the City Council with a preliminary plan that will show the best route for the major connector road.

For several years now, city officials have investigated the possibility of an east-west corridor. As the situation now stands, anybody who wants to drive south from Highland must travel through American Fork.