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A head-on collision in the cargo area at the Salt Lake International Airport left one man injured late Monday night.

A Salt Lake police report said a pickup truck driven by Phillip E. Butler collided with a cargo tug operated by Roger A. Carlson shortly after 10:30 p.m. Both men are from Salt Lake City. Butler was taken to Holy Cross Hospital where he was treated for an eye laceration and other minor injuries and then released.Butler, a driver for Hudson General Co., was traveling north on an entry ramp near Gate Seven when he apparently mistook the light on the cargo tug for one on an aircraft taxiing along the south ramp, the report said. When he realized the light was on a cargo tug, he tried to brake, sliding on the wet surface. Carlson said he also tried to brake when he saw the truck approaching directly at the tug, which also slid on the wet surface.

The report said the truck's speedometer was stuck on 25 mph from the impact. No citations were issued, but the accident remains under investigation.