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South Summit High School students will be encouraged to direct their own learning processes through a new computer program being installed in the school.

The FourMat software system, developed by an Orem company, will be integrated into the school's two Macintosh computer labs to enhance self-directed learning. The programs allow teachers and students to manipulate text, graphics, animation and even full-motion video to generate learning modules.Individualization of student learning plans also will be facilitated by the FourMat equipment, said Shane Goodwin, South Summit's assistant technology coordinator.

Besides providing a software shell that allows for creation of files on any curriculum subject, the system tracks student progress and facilitates immediate adjustments as needed.

Goodwin said he foresees several possible projects with the Learning Processor. "I envision students approaching new information in a dynamic and motivating way. They could generate learning modules to aid in test reviews, help peers who are struggling with concepts or supplement their own extension projects for a wide variety of classes."

South Summit also could form links with a consortium of schools sharing learning modules.

FourMat Corp. released the Learning Processor last fall and will introduce its Windows version in a national computer gathering in Chicago during the first week in April.