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To the editor:

In response to Jon Brushke (Forum, March 15) on BYU sportsmanship: How quickly he forgets the scene from last year as Utah celebrated after beating BYU in Provo. Utah players gathered at midcourt in the Marriott Center to cheer, taunt the crowd and even cut the nets down. Did the BYU crowd throw ice or garbage at them? Of course not. The crowd tolerated and understood their joy at winning the WAC title and the rivalry between these two great schools.No matter what kind of team a fan supports, one could always find fault with either the officials, fans, participants or coaches when they lose. It is hard, but we must swallow a loss sometimes. Utah and BYU have great fans and players and the fruit of victory will always taste a little sweeter for the team that wins. No one likes to lose, but if a loss occurs, don't always look for an excuse or a big gripe. Keep it to yourself and wait for the next game.

Duane Roper

Salt Lake City