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To the editor:

Being a BYU fan, I read with great interest the letter to the editor by Jon Brushke (March 15).I thought it unfair of him to stereotype the respective athletic programs and their players and fans. To say "They had a better collection of 12 basketball players that night, but we have a better collection of 12 human beings" is highly judgmental and ignorant of the quality students and coaches at BYU.

I realize that the BYU program is not without its flaws, but neither do I feel our brethren to the north are without theirs. How about this year's tournament game where Antoine Davison threw a punch at Jared Miler? But these gripes are minor when compared to the class shown by both programs.

Thanks to both programs for demonstrating that sports can be played with a fantastic degree of excellence and, except in a few minor instances, can also be played with respect and class.

David Sorenson

American Fork