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Thirteen months after he was pressured to resign as Ogden police chief, Joe Ritchie has announced he will seek a spot on the Weber County Commission.

Ritchie, a Democrat, is the first person to enter the commission race. The filing deadline is still nearly four weeks away, April 15."I wanted to get my name out. I like to give the impression that I'm extremely interested and not concerned who else files. That doesn't make the decision for me," said Ritchie.

Ritchie, 54, served as Ogden police chief for 15 years before resigning at the request of then-City Manager Robert Hunter. Hunter never revealed why he asked Ritchie to resign.

When asked, Ritchie said he is not worried about his resignation becoming a campaign issue.

"I kind of hope it does come up again. I'd like to find out myself why I was asked to resign. I still don't know why, other than the city manager saying he wanted a change of management style," he said.

Ritchie has been running a consulting firm out of his home since October and now said he is eager to get back into public office.

"I want to give government back to the people, get citizens involved in the decisionmaking process," he said.