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$175,000 TO PLUG ODOR

Pennzoil will spend $175,000 to install a containment reservoir at their Roosevelt refinery in an effort to stop an "unpleasant odor" plaguing those who live near the refinery.

Residents of the Meadow Brook Subdivision met recently with Pennzoil officials to discuss the odor problem, which occurs when waste water used in the refining process collides in the sewer lines with residential effluent from the subdivision."Pennzoil officials have agreed to install a containment reservoir that will help even out the effluent flow so it doesn't come in surges into the city's sewer lines," said City Administrator Brad Hancock.

The reservoir will also help cool the effluent by about 50 degrees and should rid it of its unpleasant smell, he said.

Meadow Brook residents say they've been plagued by the awful "ammonia-sulfury sewage smell" for about the past three years. The odor arises in the middle of the subdivision when gases seep out through vented manhole covers and is particularly bad in the spring and summer.

Hancock said in addition to the efforts being made by Pennzoil to help curb the smell, the city will seal certain manhole covers in an effort to push the effluent down the sewer lines. The situation will be monitored and public hearings will be held every 60 days to ensure the problem is corrected.