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To the editor:

We want to thank the residents of the unincorporated area of Val Verda who have signed the petition requesting annexation into Bountiful City. Many individuals have worked hard for this timely cause. There are still some residents opposed to this action and we recognize their right to have a vote in this matter.However, it should be pointed out that the primary opponent of the annexation effort, Ellsworth Jensen, resides at 3139 Crestwood Circle - outside the area seeking annexation. Mr. Jensen has mounted a drive to encourage those who have already signed the petition to have their names removed.

Previous attempts at annexation have been thwarted by the aggressive tactics of those opposed to annexation. This time, residents supporting annexation should stand firm and not be intimidated by the opposition.

Our area is surrounded on three sides by Bountiful city. We have been missing out on the benefits our neighbors enjoy as Bountiful residents. These benefits include lower power rates, street lighting, cleaner and cheaper garbage service and increased fire and police protection.

Because the unincorporated Val Verda area does not have a commercial tax base, it cannot survive in the long term as an independent community. The rest of Davis County cannot continue forever to subsidize services for our area. Eventually, the residents of the area will have to bear the costs.

Annexation into Bountiful will enable us to become part of a viable community with a commercial tax base and provide residents the assurance that their local government services will be provided efficiently and cost effectively in the future.

Ken LeFevre

Gordon Hopkins