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A jury rejected a lawsuit by the family of a woman who was decapitated by her automatic shoulder harness in a car accident.

Tracie Green, 21, was killed Feb. 5, 1990, after she apparently lost control of her 1989 Sentra. The accident report and testimony during the trial showed Ms. Green failed to buckle the accompanying lap belt after the automatic shoulder harness wrapped around her.Ms. Green's father, James Smith, and her grandmother, Edna Green, sued Nissan Motor Corp. for $10 million, claiming the harness was flawed and that the automaker failed to warn its customers.

A federal jury deliberated about 90 minutes Tuesday before deciding that the company was not liable for damages.

Gerald Word, the family's lawyer, said he would appeal.

"I know this system is dangerous, and I hate it that the jury has given a stamp of approval to a seat-belt system that kills," he said.

Nissan's system has saved many lives, said Jonathan Baskin, a company spokesman.