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To the editor:

The situation on the west side of Salt Lake City is becoming much worse, crime-wise. The police are unable to do anything about it; city hall is too busy distributing monies to other special-interest groups.Break-ins and other crimes go uninvestigated. The city says it's a neighborhood problem and to just call in for a case number if you have insurance. It's obvious that a citizen volunteer police force is needed in our neighborhoods.

Curbs and gutters are in a state if disrepair, trees have lifted sidewalks in front of many homes. We've complained to the city and to Salt Lake West Side Community Council.

All this money goes in and less and less comes back as service to the people. We don't mind paying fairly for our services, but just mention volunteer police and you get all kinds of negative reaction of people worried that they would lose their jobs to volunteers, but someone has to do it.

Jay Sloan

Salt Lake City