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Fifteen programs that benefit low- and moderate-income people will split Orem's share of community development block grants.

Orem received $676,000 from the Department of Housing and Urban Development to divvy out among worthy programs. An additional $530,850 in program income will be plowed back into revolving funds, such as the Business Loan Program.A total of $133,000 will be spent to administer the grant program. The council approved recommendations of a citizens committee to allocate the remaining money as follows:

- Community Action Agency, to provide counseling and temporary food and housing for the homeless: $18,450.

- Parent Education Resource Center, to purchase books, materials and equipment to benefit parent/child relationships, $8,000.

- Orem Fitness Center, to provide recreational programs,$30,000.

- The Gathering Place, for substance-abuse and drug-abuse prevention programs, $25,500.

- The Department of Public Safety, to provide smoke detectors, $3,000, and $6,900 to bring the senior citizens' center up to fire code.

- Orem Community Hospital, for crisis intervention, parent education and counseling services, $18,450.

- New Outlook Homebound Program, for art therapy programs for homebound people, $4,500.

- Recreation for All Handicap, which provides recreation programs for mentally and physically impaired people, $9,000.

- Kids on The Move, for therapy and counseling of parents with handicapped children, $17,500.

- Scera Park, to continue purchase of the park, $200,000.

- Public Works, to cover a ditch between 1300 and 1400 South and 800 East, $6,000.

- Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program, $140,000.

- Business Revolving Loan Program, an estimated income of $494,290 will be plowed back into the fund.

- Removal of architectural barriers to help Orem comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, $55,700.