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The Department of Mining Engineering at the University of Utah will hold a series of seminars during spring quarter at 11 a.m. in Room 102 of the Engineering and Mines Classroom Building. Coordinated by Charles Berry, the schedule is:

- April 2, mine-to-mine truck transportation and handling facilities, David Wolach, executive vice president, Savage Industries.- April 9, U.S. Bureau of Mines' mining research activities, Guy Johnson, staff engineer, U.S. Bureau of Mines.

- April 16, media relations in the mineral industry, Alexis Fernandez, manager of media relations for Kennecott.

- April 23, brick raw chemicals production and marketing, Lance Jackson, plant operations manager for Interstate Brick.

- April 30, Great Salt Lake Minerals and Chemicals' operations and markets, David Butts, senior consultant for the company.

- May 7, Bureau of Land Management mineral claims and leasing, Douglas Bauer, Walter Phelps, Connie Sear and Dolly Willis, BLM employees.

- May 14, mineral-product railroad transportation, William Nock, market manager for Union Pacific Railroad.

- May 21, Utah coal economics, F.R. Jahanbani, senior energy consultant, Utah Energy Division.

- May 28, Utah petroleum industry, James Peacock, executive director, Utah Petroleum Association.

- June 4, subject and speaker to be confirmed.