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To the editor:

Regardless of loud political claims, the single most important issue revolves around family disintegration. And almost all the politicians mention it (with their fingers crossed).Only President Bush has come out and committed himself as far as he can, which, by constitutional law, can only be in an advisory capacity. His various federal candidate detractors are promising all kinds of things for families. Some promise much for families, but beware, these things are not theirs to promise, again by constitutional law.

Families are controlled by the families themselves. By now, we should realize that any federal "help" means federal control - a stumbling block. Politicians talk about family life as they do about raising money for a new park. But excellence in family life is the life of the nation and cannot be bought for money or any other means except premarital sexual abstinence, virtue, family chastity, family integrity and family self-sufficiency.

We have great writings on child care and child-care facilities and controls, while we have at hand, to use the environmentalists' term, a "natural way" to care for children in a most satisfactory method. Have you ever heard of the term "mother"?

Now, these delightful and most honorable people need no controls. Basically, she needs little training because of her "natural" insight, ability to innovate and improve procedures, instinctive actions in case of emergency, automatic devotion to duty and, above all, a built-in system of unqualified love of her infant not found in any other place.

I would beware any politician who belittles or neglects mother-in-the-home, where she can be shown to be worth much more than money.

Theodore G. Caughey

South Jordan