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Utah County deputy sheriffs arrested Joe F. Jiron Friday afternoon for investigation in the death of of his former wife, Shelly Ann Jiron, according to County Attorney Kay Bryson.

Jiron, 23, was booked into the Utah County Jail and is being held on $100,000 bond. No formal charges have been filed.Jiron and his ex-wife were involved in a car accident and fire Dec. 17 on U.S. 68 about 15 miles south of Lehi. Joe Jiron received third-degree burns on his face and arms; he has since recovered. Shelly Jiron, 22, was dead at the scene.

Investigators subsequently determined that the car Joe Jiron was driving at the time of the accident had been soaked with gasoline; gas fumes caused a momentary flash fire inside the car when it slammed into a ravine off the road.

Investigators also determined that Shelly Jiron died of asphyxiation some time before the car crash occurred.

The sheriff's department sent more than 150 items related to the case to crime labs in Utah and other states for analysis. Among items studied were blood and hair samples taken from Joe Jiron in mid-January.

The county has received results of lab tests on many of the items and expects to receive final test results Monday, Bryson said.

"It has been a long process," he said. "The number of items submitted to labs for analysis has taken a long time."