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Syracuse will receive a $1.1 million loan from the Utah Water Resources Board as the Davis County city moves forward with a $2.29 million effort to improve its drinking-water system.

The city water project includes a 2 million-gallon water storage reservoir, new pipelines, fire hydrants and service connections. The city has agreed to repay the loan over 20 years. The city is seeking a similar loan from the state's Safe Drinking Water Board.The Water Resources Board approved five other loan requests totaling $761,000.

Hurricane City, Washington County, will received $568,000 towards a lawn and garden sprinkler irrigation system; Ferron Canal and Reservoir Co., Emery County, will receive $70,000 to repair riprap at Millsite Reservoir; and Highland Ditch Co., Box Elder County, will receive $62,000 for an irrigation pipeline project.

Paradise, Cache County, will receive $39,000 to improve its culinary water system; and Lake Creek Irrigation Co., Wasatch County, will receive $22,000 towards a sprinkle irrigation system improvement.

The board also approved feasibility studies for four projects:

- Copperton Improvement District, Salt Lake County, $426,000 for culinary water system improvements.

- Wells Irrigation Canal Co., Sevier County, $180,000 for irrigation system improvements.

- Henefer, Summit County, $1.35 million for culinary water system improvements.

- Brian Head, Iron County, $4.2 million to secure water for future growth and to provide snowmaking capabilities.