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1. Jodi Scott, a hospital employee, sees Worthington walking toward the back of the Women's Center at 11:40 p.m. He points a shotgun at her, then moves to the rear entrance of the second floor of the Center and gains entrance after breaking the window to room 2320.

2. Worthington, brandishing the shotgun and a .357 revolver, corners nurse Karla Roth at the nurse's station and demands to see Dr. Glade Curtis. He marches Roth and fellow nurse Susan Woolley down the hallway at gunpoint after being told Curtis isn't there.

3. When security guard Russell Dent approaches the trio, Worthington threatens him with a gun and orders him to leave.

4. Worthington orders each nurse to take a baby from the nursery and pushes them toward room 2310. He again demands that Curtis be summoned. He threatens to kill the babies and fires the first gunshot.

5. Upon reaching room 2310, where Christian Downey is about to give birth, Worthington kicks the door open while continuing his demand to see Curtis. He eventually herds Woolley and Roth down the hall toward the stairwell and elevators.

6. Around 11:45 p.m., Sandy City Police Sgt. Eddie Kantor reaches the hospital's parking lot.

7. Worthington forces the nurses at gunpoint outside through the main doors on the west side of the Women's Center.

8. After Worthington shouts obscenities at police and threatens to kill the nurses, Roth grabs his shotgun and attempts to pull it from his grasp. When her attempt fails, she begins to run. Worthington aims his revolver and fires after she takes only two or three steps. The bullet strikes Roth in the back. She dies at the scene minutes later.

9. Using Woolley as a shield, Worthington proceeds to his car in the parking lot.

10. Worthington takes Woolley back into the Women's Center, again enters 2310 and orders its occupants, Carre Downey, Marjorie Wyler, Adam Cisneros and Christian Downey, who is now in labor, to lie down on the floor.

11. Worthington orders Wyler to dial his home number, but when his wife answers he refuses to talk, pulls out his revolver and shoots the phone.

12. Worthington points his shotgun at Downey's abdomen.

13. He orders Cisneros to retrieve the bomb from the flowerbed next to the front entrance and return with it within two minutes. Cisneros complies.

14. He enlarges the hole in a window he broke earlier, allowing Wyler to warn police officers of the bomb.

15. About 12:34 a.m., Worthington moves his hostages upstairs to the third floor, where Curtis' office is located.

16. Between 1:30 a.m. and 2 a.m., Worthington fires a gunshot that strikes within 3 feet of where Wolley is holding one of the babies.

17. AT 3:23 a.m. Downey gives birth to a girl. Neither the baby nor hostages will have anything to eat until at least eight hours later.

18. Shortly before 8 a.m., Worthington starts releasing ether from aerosol cans and threatens to ignite it and detonate the bomb, but he doesn't have any matches. He shoots a hole through another window and orders Cisneros to finish breaking it by throwing a typewriter through the glass.

19. Negotiations with Worthington start showing results around 4 p.m.. Giving up on his demand to see Curtis, Worthington announces, "We are getting out."

20. Exiting the doctors' offices, Worthington requests an unsupervised visit with his wife and LDS bishop.

21. Worthington panics when he sees a SWAT team in the third floor hallway. He shouts he's going back inside to set off the bomb.

22. Cisneros comes out for further negotiations in Worthington's place and to summon the bishop. Police do not permit Cisneros to return.

23. Succumbing to pleas from the remaining hostages, Worthington hands over his revolver to them. The hostages emerge from the hospital at 5:33 p.m. He is taken into custody at 5:38 p.m., while running away from SWAT officers, screaming, "Shoot me! Shoot me!.