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To the editor:

I have been following BYU sports for 25 years. I was wondering how long Jon Brushke (Forum, March 15) has been following the rivalry? I remember when the shoe was on the other foot - Utah did all the winning, in all sports. Does he honestly think that in this long-standing, heated rivalry that slam dunks and three-point shots are some sort of premeditated slap in the face?In an emotional game like BYU vs. Utah, you play your best until the end. In a rivalry, anyone can win, and it's not over until it's over. (Did Mr. Brushke see the BYU vs. UTEP game?)

Through the years, I have seen questionable actions by coaches and players on all teams and in all sports at BYU and Utah. I have to agree with Mr. Brushke, Rick Majerus is a gentleman coach, but does he think that Roger Reid is less than one? I cannot believe that either coach would allow their players to do anything unsportsmanlike.

Didn't Coach Majerus yank one of his players for slugging a BYU player during the WAC Tournament? For some reason, everyone in the WAC is against BYU. I don't know if it is the winning tradition or the squeaky clean/religion factor.

These tall, slow, white boys who can't jump have worked very hard this year against many odds. They don't deserve any unfair comments such as those by Mr. Brushke.

Dina J. Roberson