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To the editor:

I stopped at an auction recently while my car radio blared election blarney. Both of these words end in "TIONS" . . . This Institution Openly Needs Suckers.We the people provide plenty to keep both operating in a very lucrative manner.

The auctioneer touted his merchandise as the best buy available. After all, you, the bidder, set the price you were willing to pay. All he did was play one poor sucker against another until, in many cases, the price was more than the product was worth.

Similar political hucksters tell us their candidate is the one for us. He'll be the champion in the fight against crime, help the homeless, senior citizens, youngsters, right-to-lifers, freedom-of-choice, AIDS, cancer, free medical insurance, better pay for everyone (the only pay he will have any control over is government workers and his own).

We can have all this and much more without an increase in taxes and on a balanced budget. After all, in Utah, the legislators aren't allowed to go home leaving the state budget in a deficit position. However, a $100 million bond doesn't count as an imbalance. Why that works for governments but not for me is difficult to understand. I'm probably senile.

Our only remaining hope is in prayer for a Supreme Court that will soon have enough men and women with the guts to defend and uphold the Constitution.

If they don't, all we will have left is prayer . . . and the ACLU will make sure we only pray in secret. Only atheists, wrongdoers, minorities and loud-mouthed sports heroes apparently are worthy of protection of the law.

Wayne S. Wheeler