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"Basic Instinct" - the Michael Douglas thriller blasted by women's groups, gay activists and film critics - knocked off "Wayne's World" for the No. 1 spot at the box office in its opening week.

The sex- and violence-filled film, which has been criticized as sexist, homophobic and plodding, took in $15.1 million, Exhibitor Relations Co. said. It stars Douglas as a detective and Sharon Stone as a bisexual murder suspect."Wayne's World," which held first place for five weekends, fell to No. 2 with $7.7 million in tickets sold.

Third with $7.2 million was "My Cousin Vinny," a comedy starring Joe Pesci as a novice Brooklyn lawyer handling a murder case in the South.

Here are the estimated top movie ticket sales, according to Exhibitor Relations:

1. "BASIC INSTINCT," $15.1 million (first week).

2. "Wayne's World," $7.7 million ($79 million, six weeks).

3. "My Cousin Vinny," $7.2 million ($17.4 million, two weeks).

4. "The Lawnmower Man," $3.7 million ($21.1 million, three weeks).

5. "Fried Green Tomatoes," $2.9 million ($61.4 million, 13 weeks).

6. "American Me," $2.3 million ($6.9 million, two weeks).

7. "Beauty and the Beast," $1.7 million ($122.9 million, 19 weeks).

8. "Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot," $1.65 million ($22.5 million, five weeks).

9. "Article 99," $1.57 million ($4.8 million, two weeks).

10. "The Hand That Rocks the Cradle," $1.5 million ($78.1 million, 11 weeks).