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Police think one man may be responsible for seven or eight robberies in the past two weeks in Salt Lake City.

Three businesses - two hair salons and a gas station - were robbed Thursday in the area of Parleys Way and Foothill Boulevard. A cleaning business in the same area was hit Friday, according to Salt Lake City Police Lt. Dennis Tueller.Someone was also robbed in the parking lot at Smith's, 900 E. 800 South, Friday afternoon.

Tueller said the descriptions of the robbers in each situation were similar - age of mid-30s, 5 feet 6 inches tall, with scruffy facial hair, and weighing 160 pounds.

The same car was spotted in the Thursday and Friday robberies. Police found the stolen car in the Trolley Square parking lot shortly after the robbery at Smith's, but it was abandoned, Tueller said. The Cadillac had been taken from the Salt Lake Country Club.

Before the stolen car was used, victims in earlier incidents recalled a brown Toyota pickup truck being driven, Tueller said.

The man has scored in only half the robbery attempts, Tueller said. He claims to have a gun but when people resist, he runs away.