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When Tory Anderson decided to bring out a new LDS literary journal, he had three goals:

1. Emphasize human beings, not Mormons. Make the journal about people first.2. Give the publication an international flavor by drawing contributions from all over the globe.

3. Go for the middle ground. Avoid being either too conservative or too liberal. Look for perspective.

The result is the Wasatch Review International, a high-minded little venture that will hit the newsstands within the next month or two. The first issue features stories from stalwarts such as Michael Fillerup and Susan Howe, but there will also be some surprises.

"What I hope is that the Wasatch Review brings good writers out of the woodwork," says Anderson. "I hope it gives them a place to publish.

"The Review won't be about LDS policies and doctrine at all. We're looking for essays, stories, poems, drama - you name it - that deal with human relationships and problems. I figure any culture that can produce both a Ted Bundy and a Spencer W. Kimball should have enough range to produce some memorable literature."

Anderson, Henry Miles, Valerie Holladay, William Powley and Paul Rawlins serve as editors.

Anyone interested in submitting material should send it - with a self-addressed, stamped envelope - to: the Wasatch Review, P.O. Box 1017, Orem, UT 84059.

Subscriptions are $10 a year (two issues). Mail requests to the same address.

Adds Anderson: "We really hope to start an international dialogue, so people from other cultures should feel free to send us things. We have translators who will help bring the work into English."