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A member of the NCAA basketball committee and Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski said Sunday they would be surprised if Christian Laettner is suspended for a rough-play incident in the East Regional final against Kentucky.

"I don't think it warrants any concern on the committee's part," said Kentucky athletic director C.M. Newton, a member of the NCAA basketball committee. "That's just my opinion."Laettner stepped on the chest of Kentucky's Aminu Timberlake with 8:06 left in the second half of Duke's 104-103 overtime victory over the Wildcats Saturday night. Laettner was assessed a technical foul.

"I would be shocked if something happened," Krzyzewski said.

Rod Sellers of Connecticut was suspended for the first game of this year's NCAA tournament after elbowing Laettner in the head last year.

"In Christian's case we have a technical foul, a contact technical," Krzyzewski said. "He wasn't thrown out of the game. If he was in a fighting situation where he punched somebody, anything like that, he would be suspended and should be.

"In this particular situation, if you really watched the whole thing, Christian shouldn't have done that, but it was like the kid laughed at him because it was just a little tap and he should have gotten a technical and that's it."

Roy Cramer, chairman of the NCAA selection committee, said the incident would be reviewed Monday.

"We always have a conference call on Monday to review everything from every site," he said. "We'll review it at that time and decide if there needs to be further evaluation, or what needs to be done. That's what we do with every incident.

"Our people are spread out all over the country. We'll review everything site by site. If there needs to be action, we'll take action. If further evaluation is needed, we'll do that."