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Drug possession charges have been dropped against three former Brigham Young football players, but a defense lawyer says he would have rather gone to court.

Attorney Wayne Watson said he would have objected to the motion for dismissal of the charges that was made and granted March 19 in Orem's 4th Circuit Court.But he says he didn't get a chance. The motion was granted before he knew about it.

"I object to them not being granted their day in court," Watson said.

BYU football players Scott Charlton, Matt Zundel and Stephen DeSantis were arrested last June and charged with class B misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

The three men refused to accept a diversion agreement that would allow the charges to be dropped in one year, and a trial was scheduled April 16.

Watson said the dismissal may wipe clean the men's court records but it doesn't undo the publicity their cases received.

"These guys are charged, they're all over the media," Watson said. "Then the defendants don't even get a chance to respond. Where's the justice?"