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Directions: North of Ogden take exit marked Willard Bay to highway 89 and the South Marina or Willard exit off I-15 to North Marina. Bay is west of interstate.

Description: This is a man-made freshwater impoundment on the shores of the Great Salt Lake. Mostly steep, rocky shoreline along dike. Only launch and retrieve is at state marinas.

Fish: Walleye, Crappie, Channel Catfish

What works: For walleye try crankbaits like thin fin or rapala, also plastic twister tail grubs in white, chartreuse or yellow. Same will work for catfish, and also "stink" baits such as worms and chicken liver. For crappie try small plastice crappie jigs.

Details: Fish for walley in the spring off dikes - north, east, south or west, and also around inlet at South Marina. River is closed March 1 to April 30. Best fishing late night and early morning. Fish in spring for walleye and catfish from shore by casting along shoreline and retrieving. Fish are in close to shore spawning. In late spring and summer best fishing is trolling in deeper water. Look for crappie around structure in the water or around marina docks. Crapple also spawn in the spring.

Notes: The introduction of gizzard shad into the bay in 1990 has greatly help the walleye and catfish. After experiencing a decline in numbers, spring checks showed more and larger fish. Some shad up to 13 inches, but it is illegal to keep shad dead or alive. If in doubt as to what it is throw it back. Very nice state parks, launch ramps and campgrounds at both marinas. A very accessible reservoir. Accomodations in nearby towns. Can use float tubes and row boats only. No motors allowed.