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Cellular One of Utah has expanded its service to Park City and within 12 months plans to expand to areas surrounding Park City, according to president Mark Oborn.

He said there has been a demand to expand cellular service to Park City. "We are confident that cellular users will recognize the distinct quality of the Cellular One system and feel it was worth the wait," Oborn said.The expansion comes at a time when the company is completing the only seamless national cellular network, which will allow cellular subscribers to use their telephone across the nation with virtually uninterrupted service in the major population areas.

For the Park City expansion, Cellular One has formed an agreement with Omega Cellular, which has Federal Communications Commission rights to the Park City and Summit County area, to continue to expand and develop quality cellular system standards in Park City.

Cellular One will donate cellular telephones to the Park City Police Department and the Park City Handicapped Sports Association. Also, the company has established a program to provide for limited time use of cellular telephones for community events on an appointment basis.