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Toys with names like Puke Shooters, Snot Shot, Butt Kickers and Chunk Blowers could soon get more appealing monickers, Kenner Products says.

The Cincinnati-based toymaker said Monday it would respond to consumer complaints by changing the names of some of the toys in its new Savage Mondo Blitzer line.But the company declined to say which toys will be renamed or how soon the renamed versions will reach stores, and a critic said the name change would be only a cosmetic solution.

The toys are plastic figures that roll on wheels. They don't do what their names imply but have gross-looking faces and carry weapons in threatening poses.

"It's a very, very poor response. It still doesn't cover their obligation to produce positive toys that create positive self-images for children," said Sharon Cooley, a first-grade teacher in suburban Loveland.

Cooley and several colleagues at Mann Elementary School complained to Kenner that the toys are vulgar and suggest to children that violence is acceptable.

Kenner said it received no consumer complaints about the toys during test marketing in Indianapolis in January and February, and sales exceeded the company's expectations. The company began selling the toys nationally two weeks ago.

Kenner, owned by Hasbro Inc. of Pawtucket, R.I., said the toys were "fun, wacky and humorous characters on wheels to appeal to boys who enjoy action figures and vehicle play."