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The efforts of 16 Salt Lake residents will bring 62,000 visitors to the city in the near future, says the Salt Lake Convention and Visitors Bureau, which honored all 16 at a banquet recently.

Those honored are all affiliated with national organizations and helped persuade convention decisionmakers to bring their business to Salt Lake.Those honored were: Roy and Glenna Bird, 42nd Rainbow Veterans Association (1993/1,000 people); Stan Gilbert, 305th Bombardment Group (1993/600 people); Bob Chisholm, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (1995/850 people); C. Clyde Billingsley, Southern Baptist Convention (1997/20,000 people); Frank Ayrton, Retired United Airlines Employees (1993/500 people); Irene Monical, National Defense Transportation Association (1993/1,000 people); Art Bloom, American Chemical Society (1994/450 people); Walter Borla, National Association of Posmasters of U.S. (1996/5,000 people); Bernard Tanner, Kiwanis International, (1996/15,000 people); Carolyn Hunter, National Hospice Organization (1993/1,200 people); Bill Barton, American Legislative Exchange Council (1995/1,500 people); Stan Tixier, International Range Land Congress (1995/1,500 people); Steve Noyce and John Schmidt, Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf (1996/1,400 people); Jodi Durrant, Nu Skin International (1992/12,000 people).