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Mayor Nyals Andreason has warned Salina residents to burn leaves and rubbish only during specified dates.

"Many of our citizens assumed, with the delightful weather conditions, that it was the spring time of the year," the mayor said. "We have received several calls asking if it was permissible to burn leaves, weeds and grass clippings. The answer is no."Andreason said the policy is not determined by city ordinance but is directed by air conservation regulations of the Utah Department of Health. Some Salina residents have been in violation of air quality regulations by burning rubbish and trash in barrels.

"They are subject to citations and fines," the mayor said.

Burning clippings, bushes, plants and prunings from trees for property cleanup is allowed in the spring and fall, but only between March 30 and May 30 and between Sept. 15 through Oct. 30.

Andreason said cities are responsible to see that the state provisions are closely followed. Salina schedules a cleanup period in harmony with recommended burning seasons, he added. "We will do so again this year as soon as the proper time comes. Until then, there is to be no burning."

The council has also approved an ordinance that requires kennel licenses by those who own three or more dogs.