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The Matadors of Cal-State Northridge take on the Cougars of BYU here Tuesday night, and just to be neighborly, the Deseret News is going to offer them a game plan.

It's free, and it's simple: Shoot three-pointers.There's no way on earth the Matadors (11-15), without a player bigger than 6-foot-7, can bang inside with a behemoth BYU (20-6) lineup that includes seven players bigger than 6-7.

But the Matadors have shot 37 percent from the three-point line this season, and they have six players who have shot 40 or more threes, so why not challenge BYU on the perimeter? The worst they can do is lose, which is what everybody figures is going to happen anyway.

Besides, this might be a good time to catch the Cougars off-guard, looking past the Matadors at the Utah game, although that's one of BYU coach Roger Reid's big no-nos. The coach did admit, however, that one of his biggest concerns right now is the performance of Spanish Fork High in the state tournament. In case you hadn't heard, Reid's son, Robbie, is a Spanish Fork guard and the 3A's leading scorer.

Reid, trying to look at this game on a positive note, said he hopes to be able to play a lot of guys. "I'm planning on maybe starting all our seniors," he said. Besides normal starters Nate Call and Mark Heslop, that would mean starting appearances for guard Mark Santiago and forward Robert Jones.

Naturally, Reid said all the usual complimentary things about the Matadors, praising leading scorer Keith Gibbs, a 6-6 forward who averages 15.2, and Shelton Boykin, a 6-5 forward who started his career at UTEP.

"It could be a tough game," Reid said. "Sometimes smaller guys can hurt us."

You want to hurt BYU, Matadors? Shoot the three. What have you got to lose? The game will not be televised live but will be replayed by Channel 11 at 11 p.m.